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Hi, I was woken up by the post man this morning.. Thank you so much for the DVD, it is excellent, I am more than happy with the result.
Thanks again, Melita NSW

Hi Mike, Just like to thank you again for such a great job on the home movies!! The quality and picture were much better than we expected. Love the beginning with the added still pictures and the DVD cover, all the little extras that make such a professional finish.(The family were quite impressed) Our family will treasure these forever! Thanks so much, Kerri QLD

Mike, Just a note to say all the videos look great. We've also backed them up on another hard drive, so feel free to delete the copies you have. Thanks again for the great job - it's wonderful being able to see these movies again. Regards, Stephen QLD

Dear Mike, Tape etc: arrived earlier today and I must say, the work was way beyond my expectations and it is very much appreciated - Thank you Best Regards Ray VIC

Hello Mike, I have watched the DVD many times since it arrived and am extremely happy with it. The backing music seems to help tell the story as well. I have run off the copies for my cousins and have heard back from the ones who have received their copy - they too think it's great. So, once again thanks very much for this priceless piece of family history ( and Australia's too ... did you notice in the footage of Sydney that construction on the Opera house was just starting.) we tried to capture a few images to make a DVD cover for the rels but wasn't able to carry this out on our computer - do we need a particular software for that? Regards Ann NSW

Hi Mike, Received the DVD back today. Great job, really love it and brings back memories from the 70's. Much better on DVD that Super 8 Do you do slides as well? Cost ? Thanks again Regards Eric QLD

Hi mike, Thank you for your good work the main people who were in this snapshot of our family in happier days came out brilliant, your music choice for back ground and even the way the segments of my parents and siblings came together were a first class job. Robert NSW

Hi Mike Many, many, thanks for a great job .. We are absolutely delighted with the finished product Thanks again Derek NSW

Good afternoon Mike. I have received the DVD and have just viewed it. It is great and I am very happy with the finish and your choice of music. Thank you for doing this. Will keep you in mind for another transfer when I get a chance to sort out all the other rolls of film I have here. Will take your advice and make a couple of copies as well as store on my hard drive. Thanks again.... Eric QLD

Hi Mike, The quality of the video on the DVD you have sent is excellent. I have seen other's films converted and it had a lot of flicker etc. Thank you very much Arthur QLD

Hello Mike, We have just seen the DVD and we are very pleased with the result. The colour's are very good and there is only that last little bit but we didn't even notice it, too busy laughing at the 70's fashion and the dancing. Many memories there and I am sure my dad will be pleased. Thanks for the cover on the DVD. I will not hesitate to recommend MB productions to my family and friends. Miriam NSW

Hi Mike, I’m not sure whether I had contacted you yet to thank you for your work on my parents-in-law’s video. We are all really happy with what you achieved. The finished product is excellent and the family has enjoyed looking back over some wonderful memories. Thank you again for your care and time, Kind regards, Lisa QLD

Hi Mike, I think the DVD is wonderful, truly wonderful! Can you please make two more copies of the DVD for me? I showed Dad the DVD and he loved it, some of the sequencing is out of time, but we knew that was going to be the case. I loved your choice of music as well. I will definitely be talking to you again soon about another DVD for my sister's 40th birthday. Once again Mike thank you. Kathy QLD

Mike, Thanks for the job well done, after so many years we watched the movies last night and enjoyed immensely seeing our dear ones and scenes we had already forgotten. Regards. Dragan NSW

Hi Mike, We are so pleased to be able to see our Super 8 films on DVD. Thank you for your efforts and for inputting some relevant music onto the sound track as well. Cheers Kerry NSW

Hello Mike Well, I’ve shared the wonderful news with everyone about the ‘discovery’ on the old 9.5mm film and from the information I’ve been given, the images all fit with it being Mum, my eldest brother, two sisters and the twins. I’m taking it with me to Melbourne on 14 May to show a couple of the older siblings for verification. They were also interested in the audio of course. Thank you again for all your help. I look forward to working with you again on Bec’s wedding DVD! Cheers for now, Lois QLD