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Film Formats

* Super 8mm, (Silent, optical and magnetic sound)
* Standard 8mm (Silent and magnetic sound)
* 16mm (Silent and optical sound only, not magnetic sound)
* 9.5mm film (Silent only)
* Polaroid Polavision 8mm cassettes. (Silent)

We offer two transfer methods - Frame Scanning and Realtime Capture

Frame scanning produces the highest quality transfer result however it does not capture sound. so film that contains a sound track will need to pass through a regular projector to record the audio. The sound track will then be added and synchronised to the scanned film. This cost a little extra due to double handling of the film

Our real-time capture process is much faster than Frame Scanning but does not have the same clarity and sharpness as film converted using the high end frame by frame method. Both systems produce excellent results however if budget is a major consideration then realtime capture is a great option .

Regular high quality 1980 x 1080p Frame by Frame Conversion - Full production - $0.48/ft

Our regular conversion service includes high quality frame scanning of your film at 1920 x 1080p resolution, basic editing to remove blank sections of film including any content that should obviously not be included, such as when the camera was left running by mistake. Some colour correction is applied where necessary then the final composition is saved in HD Format mp4 files, with accompanying background music. DVD is being phased out now as it is considered to be old technology providing only standard definition playback quality. Image stabilisation is not included in this service. Most home movies display far too much hand movement for this to work effectively. Please ask for a quotation if this is an important requirement and an anaylysis of the film will determine if your film is suitable for the stabilisation process.

Budget Realtime Capture at 1920 x 1080p transfer - $0.38/ft:

Our real-time capture process uses an aerial telecine workflow employing a modified projector that plays the film in real time through a lens system. Capture is performed using CCD camera equipment that produces excellent results. This system is much faster than Frame Scanning, requiring less post production work. Also it does not have quite the same sharpness and clarity as that achieved through frame scanning. If cost is a major consideration then the real-time capture will still achieve acceptable results.

Pricing - January 2017

Budget realtime capture - All 8mm & 16mm film $0.38 per foot
Regular Frame by Frame capture - Super 8mm, Standard 8mm film and 16mm film - Frame scanning $0.48 per foot
9.5mm Format - Frame scanning and realtime process. $0.48 per foot
Polaroid Polavision Cassette (8mm format in a cassette) $29.00 per cassette
Note: There is a $30.00 setup fee for all orders under 300ft  

50ft reel to DVD - $24.00
100ft reel to DVD - $48.00
200ft reel to DVD - $96.00
400ft reel to DVD - $192.00

If you have just two or three 50ft reels to transfer, a setup surcharge of $30.00 will apply

Film containing sound will cost an additional $0.10/ft. The captured sound must be re-encoded adding extra time for this feature.

Above pricing includes cleaning of film, editing out of unwanted or damaged sections of film, colour correction, background music, DVD with menu selection and printed case and cover. (Full production ready for viewing) We also provide the raw capture MP4 files at no additional cost.

$0.48 per foot

+$0.10 per foot for sound film


50ft reel (75mm diameter) - $19.00 each

100ft reel (75mm diameter) - $38.00 each
200ft reel (125mm diameter) - $76.00 each
400ft reel (175mm diameter) - $152.00 each

Above pricing includes cleaning of film, re-spooling to larger reels, editing out of unwanted or damaged sections of film, colour correction, background music. We provide the capture in MP4 digital format but can also provide a DVD version if required.

$0.38 per foot



Transfer to DVD of the following common video formats:
Betamax - PAL & NTSC, SECAM
Video8 & Hi8 - PAL & NTSC
Digital 8 - PAL only
Betacam SP - PAL only (Special Pricing Apply)
U-Matic - PAL , NTSC, SECAM (Special Pricing Apply)
microMV - PAL micro cassettes

Pricing is for basic transfer directly to mp4 digital file. Should editing be required then a quotation will be provided.
All tape formats up to 2 hours duration (U-Matic and Betacam SP special pricing)
$28.00 each
U-Matic and Betacam SP $55.00 each
Tapes between 3 and 4 hours duration (require 2 DVD's) $50.00 per set
Tape cleaning and removal of mold from VHS and VHS-C tapes only $25.00 each
* NOTE - We do not copy commercial DVD's due to copyright laws *  
PROJECTOR HIRE - SUPER 8mm & Standard 8mm Combo - Brisbane area only  
Elmo K100SM Dual 8 Silent Projector - Weekend Hire - (Deposit $50.00 required) $60.00 weekend
35mm SLIDES  
35mm Slides can be scanned to CD or data DVD. Each slide is colour corrected to reveal original colour's. Minimum order of 50 slides. To create DVD slideshow with transitions and background music an additional $60.00 $1.60 per scan
Audio cassettes, micro cassettes, DAT tapes to mp3 - 80 minutes $40.00 each
Reel-to-reel audio tape (Tape duration may vary due to recording speed and number of tracks) $48.00 per hour or part thereof
All reel-to-reel tapes are recorded to mp3 format. If the finished audio is required in CD-ROM format it may need to span across mulitple CD's as the standard disk will hold only 80 minutes of audio data. Additional CD-ROM's will be $14.00 each  
Dual Super 8mm/Standard 8mm projector hire for 7 days duration. Returnable desposit required. $60.00 + $50.00 deposit
1.44 HDD Floppy Disk  
Computer floppy disk - retrieve data from old magnetic disks $25.00 each
The following payment methods are accepted.
Business and personal cheques (pending clearance)
Direct bank deposit
Bank cheque, Australian Money Order
PayPal - (Includes Visa and Master Card)
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